Project Management is a core competency of us - we have a proven track record for project management from early phases down to cut over situations. We can leverage this experience and support you in setting up and running the right project management practices for your project.

This covers the diverse domains like costs & schedules, quality, suppliers, risks & issues, deliverables, governance, role models, change management and so on.

Have a look at our own project management suite, P&PM´s [PIT], where we implemented the experience from diverse projects into hands on operations.



With our experience in Engineering and Service operations we can help you in determining the right strategy in regards to your process, application and data landscape. Facing challenges and issues in your day to day operations we support you in finding the right direction going forward.

Our operations strategy offering helps you in identifying the current strengths and weaknesses, determining the overall future scenario and deriving the roadmap to transform your operations. We focus again on operational aspects around your product lifecycle from development to servicing. Our capabilities include different areas:
-  Process & Organization
-  Application
- Master Data


Defining and agreeing on the right to be approach is a challenge itself. Implementing it into operations is the next – and even bigger challenge. Having once defined the target operating model we can help you in transitioning your operations. Being a company offering special expertise we see our role in dedicated topics as a trusted advisor:

 - Project & Program Management
 - Solution & Architecture Management
 - Change & Deployment Management

Project & Program Management:
 We will support you in setting up and running a project or program. Having experience in typical transition projects from design to cut over we can leverage this asset for your initiative. Our vendor independency enables us to interact with different parties in your environment.

Solution & Architecture Management:
 Facing the challenge of implementing a long term roadmap it becomes essential to orchestrate the different initiatives that you have applied so that they are still heading in the right direction. With our expertise in product related operations we will support you here by assuring that the overall concept is still considered – even in the detailed designs. Our solution & architecture management offerings provide you an architect that integrates the delivery of different actors or suppliers.

Change & Deployment Management:
 Besides the challenge of managing the implementation of the roadmap and assuring the right architecture you will need to onboard and convince a lot of stakeholders and users in the end. To manage this transition and to find the right way to deploy your overall solution with the right steps into your operations we offer services in the area of change & deployment management. So that your roadmap is finally implemented successfully in day to day operations – gaining the benefits you once defined.


We offer also consulting services in the area of SAP PLM / SAP Netweaver, covering topics like:
- Master Data Management
- Product Structure Management
- Product Change Management
- Variant Management
- Installed Base Management
- Web UI Developments


Interim Programme Management for international business and IT transformation programme -
Engineering domain.

Discrete Industry, OEM, Germany

Overall Change & Deployment Management for a multi site business transformation - 
Engineering & Production domain.

Aerospace & Defence, OEM, Europe

Solution Integration / Architecture Management  of a global business transformation programme  -
Engineering domain.

Discrete Industry, OEM, Germany

Diverse individual SAP Netweaver Implementations focussing on Web UI Developments.

Different Industries



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