P&PM´s [PIT] - Agile project collaboration for your SAP projects

P&PM´s [PIT] is a ready to run SAP add on solution to enhance the collaboration of your project or product development team work - leveraging agile approaches.

Our solution supports your team in true collaboration: All team related activities like actions, check points, tasks etc. are managed via a single repository which is easy to use for anybody in the team.  

Strong visualization capabilities make it easy for the team to understand who is working on what and what´s next: We implemented diverse dashboards following visual management techniques to enhance the collaboration in an easy way.

Our add on can be rapidely installed by any experienced SAP consultant. It´s for you, the SAP developers and SAP consultants: A tool for your day to day project work. Easy to use and fast to deploy. 

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Key Features

The effective collaboration of your project team is a critical success factor for your projects.

Facing a stronger distribution and specialization of teams - with external and internal staff - it becomes more and more important to successfully coordinate activities  within a project. 
Meanwhile agile approaches become relevant to manage the collaboration of teams.

Classic project management approaches struggle often, especially in regards to the ad hoc coordination of activities, since tasks need to be determined and are assigned in a static way. A flexible management of activities of a distributed team is rarely supported.

Since we are not aware of a suitable tool within the SAP domain adressing those challenges, we created P&PM´s [PIT].

Overview Video

Solution Overview - 7 Minutes.

Get an overview about the solution capabilities: How to build a structure, how to assign staff to items, how to balance workload at sprints using scrum boards.

check  Team Activity Management:
Collaborative Management of diverse project activities like check points, actions, reviews, defects etc.

check  Standardization and Re-Use Capabilities:
Usage of templates and activity libraries

check  Flexible bundling of activities via hierarchies,
ad hoc detailing of actions via additional levels

check  Classic time planning - in combination with
agile approaches like Scrum or Kanban

check  Strong visualization capabilities with diverse dashboards - considering digital visual management approaches

check  Team Capacity Management via ad hoc calculation of efforts per phase / cycle per team member

check  Embedded Requirements Management:
Editing and Agile Management of a Product Backlog

check  Strong requirements re-use capabilities via libraries for legal standards, functions, etc.

check  Flexible linking of activities within a project or across -
to declare different types of dependencies or traces

check  Maintenance of baselines to persistently store a snapshop (milestone documentation etc.)

check  Fast deployment -you as a SAP consultant can implement the add and use it right away

Online Documentation

Read here the  complete solution documentation online, providing you an overview of the detailed capabilities.

The documentation can be navigated via the menu bar. Use the search to access dedicated topics (Search for “video”).

The documentation also explains the standard set up and typical use cases.

Online Documentation

Tutorials & Videos

Tutorial: Implementing agile practices, managing sprints

See here how you set up the content of a sprint by collecting items from the overall work break down structure.

Seeing this video, you shall understand the capabilities of hybrid project management - combining agile and classic approaches.

Tutorial: Create new projects from libraries

See here how you can rapidly set up a new project work break down structure by copying from libraries.

Tutorial: Cross project task lists

See here how users can access and maintain their cross project task lists.

Tutorial: Applying baselines

See this video to understand the capabilities to freeze persistently your project state at milestones or anytime.

Demo Video: Demonstration of general integration capabilities

Integration via object links to other SAP objects (not part of standard package - customer specific).

Talk to us if you have specific demands to further integrate the add on to SAP domains.

Featured Articles

Agile Project Management for SAP IT Projects - A new add on to implement SAP Activate

Read here to understand how our tool can support your day to day project operations along SAP projects. We have explained here how our tool can support you in using SAP Activate, SAP´s new methodology for managing projects (successor of ASAP).

Hybrid Project Management - Combining agile and classic project management with SAP

Read here to understand how our solution enables hybrid project management: Most companies use both classic and agile project management practices - sometimes within one project. P&PM´s [PIT] provides you a solution to apply both practices on one tool.

Flyer SAP Activate

Questions and Answers

How to get a quote?
Just send an eMail to info@p-and-pm.com. We will send you an offer then. Please indicate your company name.  

How is the support organized?
We provide you access to a support page – from there you can download patches, get access to release notes and raise tickets in case. You can also send an eMail to info@p-and-pm.com.

How do I get updates?
They are provided via our support page for download. The content of an update is described via a corresponding release note.

What are the software prerequisites?
You need to have a SAP system with SAP NetWeaver 7.4 or higher.  SAP NetWeaver is part of a regular SAP system.

Is the software certified by SAP?
No. Note that a certification by SAP focusses on checks of integration aspects to existing SAP components. Since we don´t have them in the standard app, we do not see much added value here for you.

Is the software ready for SAP S/4 HANA?
We monitor the progress of SAP S/4 HANA deployments – we may announce availability of our application for SAP S/4 HANA soon.
Is the solution also available as a cloud offering? We focus on SAP on premise installations – so you shall have your own SAP system available. Consider our application as a kind of plug in.

Are there any enhancements planned?
We will add via regular maintenance additional features along the product lifecycle to enhance the functionality. We are happy for your feedback and ideas here.

Are there any integrations to other SAP areas like Solution Manager?
We have implemented integrations within the PLM domain. Those integrations are not part of the standard software license. Get in touch in case you are looking for further integrations like Solution Manager for e.g.

Is there any risk / interference with existing functions?
No. Our application is autonomous from your existing SAP business logic – it does not interfere. No risks. 

Do I need to order maintenance?
During the first year, maintenance is included. So, you will experience yourself and judge yourself the necessity. We recommend maintenance for the subsequent year – but you can order or not order it per year going forward.

Is there a limit for users?
We offer a standard package / license agreement for 100 named users. If you require more, please get in touch with us.

What happens if I am not satisfied with my purchase?
We want your feedback and will try to adress your needs. In any case, you will get your money back within the first three months if you are not satisfied.

Can I try the software for free?
Yes. You need to order it and you get an offer with one-month free usage. Then you get the invoice – or you cancel the order then. 

Are there any other hidden costs towards P&PM?
No. We want to deploy our software on global scale – easy and fast. So, we don´t sell any complex consulting services along with the application. Being an experienced SAP consultant, you can install it on your own.

Does the application support SAP Activate?
Yes. Since our tool can address both classic and agile approaches, we support SAP Activate successfully. We can also manage aspects like fit/gap analysis results etc. We even say, that our solution matches very well with SAP Activate. Our standard customizing setting reflects already the phases of SAP Activate.  

Does the application support SAP ASAP?
Yes. You can maintain regular work break down structures as usual.

Which languages does the tool support?
We have set up the languages for English and German. Other languages could be set up as well via regular customizing if needed.

Do you sell to other countries?
Yes. We are based in Germany, near Cologne. We speak English and are happy to support your deployments around the globe.

Other questions?
Your question is not listed here? Feel free to contact us via info@p-and-pm.com





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